Outpatient Behavioral Health Center at Mount Sinai Beth Israel

Outpatient Behavioral Health Center

Outpatient Behavioral Health Center
First Avenue at 16th Street, New York, NY 10003
(212) 420-2800

A comprehensive outpatient program in a hospital setting which offers patients individualized psychotherapy combined with full medical evaluation and care.

A Hospital-Based Outpatient Program

  • In a Clinically Supportive, modern setting which offers a broad spectrum of treatment, from care for the acutely and chronically disturbed or dysfunctional to counseling and therapy which help ambulatory patients cope with the stresses of daily living;

- Which assures, through evaluation, skillful case management and in-depth consultation with physicians

and mental health practitioners throughout the patientís treatment

  • Where individual, group and family therapies are conducted by a highly-trained professional staff of psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers.


Complete Evaluation and Treatment
Evaluation includes a complete psychiatric, medical and family history. Comprehensive psychological testing is also available, including the most sophisticated neuro-psychological examination and assessment of learning disabilities.

One-to-one, group and/or family therapies are available to the patient, depending upon individual needs. Therapeutic modalities may employ videotaped therapy sessions, biofeedback, relaxation therapy and pharmacotherapy.