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What are we looking to improve? Pneumonia is a serious infection and/or inflammation of the lungs that prevents the body from using oxygen efficiently, resulting in fever, cough, and difficulty breathing. By following Core Measures, we look to improve treatment as well as patient outcomes.

What measures/strategies have we implemented for improvement?

  • Obtaining Blood Cultures prior to Antibiotics: Blood cultures tell what antibiotic(s) would work best to treat a particular patient.
  • Selecting the Correct Antibiotics: Each antibiotic is different, so itís important for physicians to choose the best antibiotic for each pneumonia patient.

How do we score? According to 2nd quarter data for 2012:

  • 95% of pneumonia patients had blood cultures obtained prior to antibiotics.
  • 100% of community-acquired pneumonia patients were given appropriate antibiotics (within 24 hours of admission).

The top 10% of hospitals scored:

  • 100% for obtaining blood cultures prior to antibiotics
  • 98% for giving appropriate antibiotics within 24 hours of admission

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