The Hospital provides housing to residents at a substantially discounted price in comparison to the current market values in Manhattan. Rent is subsidized, affordable, and is one of the most cherished perks of the program. Rent is deducted automatically from residents’ paychecks. Only the resident and immediate family (spouse/partner and children only) who live in the apartment full-time are eligible for housing. Parents, siblings, other relatives, and live-in help are not eligible for housing or considered for the apartment size.

Protected physician parking is available to all drivers with MD license plates. Parking lots are available to all house-staff who do not live in hospital housing. Monthly rates are substantially lower thanks to generous employee discounts. Monthly fees are automatically paid with a monthly payroll deduction.

Living on the Upper West Side has a host of benefits aside from the proximity of a minutes commute to work. All housing is located conveniently to local supermarkets including Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Fairway, Morton Williams, etc. Central Park is two blocks to the east, while Riverside Park is two blocks west. Both parks offer amazing escapes from the city feel without ever leaving the Upper West Side.

There are two housing opportunities available. Buildings at 10 Amsterdam Avenue and 515 W. 59th Street are located within a block of Mount Sinai West and offer studio, one and two bedroom apartments. Information on rental rates and floor plans is available by clicking here.

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Kathy Langworthy
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Mount Sinai St. Luke's
1111 Amsterdam Ave
at 114th Street
New York, NY 10025

Mount Sinai West
1000 Tenth Ave
at 59th Street
New York, NY 10019