Research Requirements
The Department of Orthopedic Surgery maintains an active clinical research program. Residents attend monthly research meetings to discuss current projects and facilitate new projects. Each resident is required to participate in at least one research project which produces a manuscript of publishable quality. As a result, multiple national presentations have been made and multiple peer-reviewed manuscripts have been published.

A two month dedicated research rotation during the 3rd year takes place at Columbia Presbyterian Biomechanics Lab.

The Annual Research Day allows residents to formally present their research to the department and to a visiting professor. Orthopedic residents take the OITE during each year of their residency, typically the second weekend in November.

Stipends/ Reimbursements for Education
Residents are given an annual stipend to spend on educational purposes, including text books, journal subscriptions, and medical equipment. This amount varies based on the contract negotiated by the resident union.

In addition, the cost of USMLE Step 3 is reimbursed if the test is taken and passed in the first 18 months of residency.

If a resident has a research project accepted for presentation at a national conference, travel expenses for this conference are provided by the department. Residents are also reimbursed for one OTA or AO course each year of residency.

Lastly, the hospital provides UpToDate and MD Consult access to all residents as well as full access to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai library and full E-Journal access.

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