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Whether for primary care or a condition requiring specialty expertise, we deliver not just any doctor, but top doctors who have access to all the powerful resources of Mount Sinai Beth Israel. Walk in for a common ailment and walk out with a patient-physician relationship you can rely on in the future.

Maurice Rachko, MD
Peter Virzi, MD
Lynn M. Mailloux, MD

Virgil Hatcher, MD
Natalie Moulton-Levy, MD
Reena Rupani, MD

Ear, Nose & Throat Medicine/Otolaryngology
Aaron Spingarn, MD

Emergency Medicine

Adam Persky, MD

Endocrinology & Metabolism

Stefan Cadag, MD
Vincent Yen, MD

Family Medicine
Marcella Allen, MD
Samuel Alstein, DO
Sapna Chaudhary, MD
Elizabeth Enschede, MD
Andrew Fallis, MD,
Pamela Hops, MD
Linda Melethil, DO
Danya Reich, MD
Maria Reichel, MD
Mandy Sacher, DO

Micahel Blechman, MD
Armand Cacciarelli, MD
Cary Schneebaum, MD

General Surgery
Simon D. Eiref, MD

Geriatric Medicine
Keiko Kimura, MD

Kristine Chu, MD
Emily Hartzog, MD

Internal Medicine

Lolita Chatterjee, MD
Abigail Chen, MD
Barbara Cheung, MD
John N. Chuey, MD
Alexis C. Drullinsky, MD
Robert Dyksterhouse, MD
Donna Edwards, MD
Robbins Gottlock, MD
Maki Kano, MD
Keiko Kimura, MD
Tanya Madrid, MD
Marissa Newman, MD
Laurie C. Rice, MD
Rowena Rosales, MD
Hili Rosen, MD
Mindy B. Satsky, MD
Stacey Suden, MD
Keith H. Uleis, MD
Berestrand Williams, MD
Varghese, Betsy, MD
Vincent Yen, MD

Maria Basile, MD
Richard Charney, MD

Orthopedics/Orthopedic Surgery
Jonathan C. Gordon, MD
Johnny I. Arnouk, MD

Pain Management
Lawrence Epstein, MD
Shahbaz Farnad, MD
Niall Monaghan, MD
David Spinner, DO

Abigail Chen, MD
Maki Kano, MD
Danya Reich, MD
Mandy Sacher, DO
Berestrand Williams, MD

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

David Spinner, DO

Jasmine M. Catalano, DPM
Thomas Goldman, MD

Michael C. Young, MD

Japanese Medical Practice
Yuichiiro Kuwama, MD
Rowena Rosales, MD
Maki Kano, MD
Keiko Kimura, MD

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