Message from the Chairman
Our primary mission is the provision of superb clinical care in an environment of uncompromising patient safety.

For our patients, we provide the highest quality of care, beginning with the period before surgery and ending after discharge from our recovery room–a continuous spectrum of care.

We offer services at Mount Sinai Beth Israel, Cancer Center West, Phillips Ambulatory Care Center in Manhattan, and at Mount Sinai Brooklyn, 3201 Kings Highway. Each site is headed by a physician with extensive training and experience in the particular subspecialty of anesthesia.

Our anesthesiologists participate in almost 40,000 surgical procedures per year in these operating rooms. Of these, more than 60 percent are performed on an ambulatory or same-day admission basis. In addition, there are nearly 4,000 births each year, of which 80 percent receive anesthesia.

We have an excellent record of patient care to our patients, and we are here to answer any of your questions per the information on this Web site. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact any member of this department using the Important List of Telephone Numbers.

Chunkeun Oh, MD 
Site Chair, Department of Anesthesiology