The surgeons at the Division of Colorectal Surgery have great experience with treatment options for benign diseases of the anal region. Patients experiencing pain, bleeding or infections in the anal area should come to the Division of Colorectal Surgery for an evaluation. Our surgeons will diagnose the underlying condition as well as provide relief for the symptoms using the latest treatments available.


Anal abscess: A pocket of infection that forms next to the anus. An incision is typically made to allow full drainage.

Anal condyloma (or anal warts): Small warts that occur in the anus. These warts can be surgically removed.

Anal dysplasia: A precancerous condition of the lining of the anal canal. Procedures offered include anal pap smears, high-resolution anoscopy and fulguration.

Anal fissure: A tear in the skin that lines the anus. Procedures offered include Botox injection, anal dilation and sphincterotomy.


Anal fistula: An opening in the skin near the anus that leads into a blind pouch or may connect through a tunnel with the rectal canal. Treatments of anal fistula include fistulotomy, seton, advancement flap, fibrin glue and fistula plug.

Hemorrhoids: A swollen vein or group of veins in the anal region. Procedures offered include rubber band ligation, hemorrhoidectomy and stapled hemorrhoidopexy.

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