At the Division of Colorectal Surgery, we treat and manage a comprehensive range of conditions that affect colorectal function, including inflammatory bowel disease and diverticulitis. These chronic and often painful conditions impact the digestive system and require close monitoring for potential complications as well as risks associated with cancer. The division provides the latest diagnostic, management and surgical options to patients suffering from these conditions.

Colon Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis: Diverticula are pockets that form in the colon's wall in which hard pieces of stool may get trapped. Inflammation-and sometimes infection-of these abnormal small pouches may occur. While diverticulitis is often benign, it always requires subsequent colonoscopy to exclude a co-existing cancer and it may require emergency or elective surgery. Procedures offered include robotic surgery and laparoscopic surgery.

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD): A group of bowel diseases that cause inflammation of the digestive tract. IBD includes Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Causes for inflammatory bowel disease are often a combination of a genetic predisposition and an environmental trigger (often some change in the bacteria in the intestine). Whatever the cause or manifestation, we offer the latest technology to aid in the diagnosis and management of these chronic problems.

Crohn's Disease: A progressive inflammatory disorder, which can involve tissues from the mouth to anus, most commonly the small and large intestine. Abnormal connections between loops of intestine can form as well as narrowing of the digestive tract and complications such as perforation and abscess.

Ulcerative Colitis: An inflammatory disorder, which involves the innermost layer of the colon and rectum. Symptoms of ulcerative colitis include stomach pain or cramps, diarrhea and bleeding from the rectum. People suffering from this disease are at a greater risk for colon cancer.

Procedures offered include robotic and laparoscopic surgical approaches to resection and reconstruction

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