The David B. Kriser Department of Emergency Medicine at Mount Sinai Beth Israel underwent a complete physical renovation in 2010. At the same time, the department built better ways of delivering care. Our Emergency Department now offers patients a quieter environment, with more private and efficient service.

  • The Department is Modern and More Spacious. Every patient treatment space was renovated in 2010, and the facility is now twice the size it used to be—treating an average of 300 patients daily.
  • A Team Approach Ensures Continuity and Quality of Care. The facility operates three distinct adult treatment areas, managed by teams of world-class physicians, nurses, physician assistants and other providers. These providers consult together on each patient to ensure the best possible treatment outcome.

  • Primary Care Physicians Are Communicated With and Kept Updated. A new system of “zone phones” facilitates communication between ED doctors and outside physicians—improving the flow of information between providers and raising the overall quality of patient care.
  • A Separate Pediatric Unit Exists for Young Patients. The space sits within the larger ED, and is staffed with pediatricians and other clinicians trained in emergency medicine. Moreover, the physical space is designed to ensure greater patient privacy, resulting in a quieter and less stressful stay. Six private rooms have televisions, DVD players and radios. Kid friendly art is displayed throughout the area.
  • Private Treatment Rooms Exist for Specialty Cases. Specialty rooms have doors for enhanced privacy, and have equipment for obstetrics/gynecology, orthopedic and asthma patients. An isolation room exists for patients with infectious diseases. State of the art Ophthalmology equipment is used when examining patients with eye problems.
  • The Department Houses Its Own Radiology Suite. The addition of state of the art radiology equipment within the department has cut radiograph turnaround time in half. Two X-ray suites and CT scan are within the renovated space allowing patients to be rapidly examined and evaluated. Moreover, to expedite results on other lab specimens (e.g., blood, etc.), the department uses a pressured tube system that delivers specimens to the lab within minutes.
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