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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Patient Representatives employed by the hospital?

Yes, Patient Representatives are employees who are specifically empowered to act as a neutral party by serving as a link between you and the hospital. Our goal is to facilitate a good hospital experience. We are not lawyers and do not provide legal advice.

What kind of issues does the Patient Representative Office handle?

Patient representatives can help you communicate with other staff members and can advocate on your behalf when appropriate. They also can help you understand hospital policies and procedures and answer any questions you may have about patients' rights and advance directives. Your patient representative can give you information about a Health Care Proxy, and will help you complete one if you require assistance. Additionally, patient representatives serve as liaisons to the Medical Center's Ethics Committee, and can assist you in resolving dilemmas about care, treatment and services. The Patient Representative Office can assist you if you have not been able to obtain a satisfactory resolution to a problem with your hospital stay. You have the right to safely voice your concerns. The Patient Representative will investigate the issues you raise and respond to you in a nonjudgmental and timely manner.

Who can call a Patient Representative?

Anyone can call us - the patient, a family member or friend. Hospital staff members often call the Patient Representative Office on behalf of a patient when they feel we can help.

How can I access a Patient Representative?

We are available by phone at 212 420-3818 for the Petrie Division, and 718 951-3005 for the Kings Highway Division. If you don't have access to a telephone, ask a staff member to call for you. You may also write to us at the main hospital address.

Patient Representative Patient Representative
Mount Sinai Beth Israel Mount Sinai Beth Israel
16th Street at First Avenue 3201 Kings Highway
New York, NY 10003 Brooklyn, NY 11234

Are interpreter services available?

Yes, interpreter services are available without cost to you. If you require the assistance of a medical interpreter, and you feel that your needs are not being met, please call the Patient Representative.

Can I file a grievance without giving my name?

We cannot effectively investigate anonymous grievances, but we promise to be discrete and try to honor your requests for confidentiality. If what you tell us reveals a dangerous or illegal situation, we do have an obligation to make sure that it is corrected.

Can I report my problem to an outside agency?

We would appreciate the opportunity to try to resolve any problem you might have, but you have the right to report your grievances to outside agencies including the New York State Department of Health at 800 804-5447, and the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations 800 994-6610.