Surgical Oncology at Mount Sinai Beth Israel, part of the Continuum Cancer Centers of New York, provides surgical diagnostic and treatment approaches to solid, cancer tumors throughout the body. The division also actively participates in multiple clinical trials that allow for a host of new and innovative treatments to be offered at Mount Sinai Beth Israel. Our approach focuses on the following guiding principals:

  • Make an accurate diagnosis. The stage of the cancer drives treatment, and surgical oncologists start by understanding the full extent of the disease through correct staging. Many surgical procedures for cancer are diagnostic in nature. Our surgical oncologists work closely with pathologists to determine the cancer’s stage by reporting carefully the position of the cancer tumor, what margins are at risk for reoccurrence, and by removing enough and the right kinds of tissue for analysis.
  • Provide every patient access to a coordinated array of best-practices. There are many effective ways to treat cancer. Surgical procedures at Mount Sinai Beth Israel are performed in an appropriate and larger context of how to best treat the patient. For more on our multidisciplinary approach, click here.
  • Handle specimens with expert care. When Beth Israel surgical oncologists remove a cancer tumor, they do it in a way to best prevent the further spread of cancer, ensuring that the appropriate margins around the tumor are cancer-free. This allows pathologists the opportunity to best analyze the tissue.
  • Strike a delicate balance between sparing tissue and achieving good cure rates. While surgical oncologists seek to remove cancer, they also are diligent in preserving as much organ tissue and bodily function as possible, sensitive to the patient’s future quality of life.

Watch Dr. Brower’s presentation on surgery for tumors that have metastasized to the liver

Watch Dr. Brower's presentation on modern management of borderline resectable pancreatic cancer.

To learn more about Surgical Oncology at Mount Sinai Beth Israel, please call (212) 420-4335. Appointments can be made by calling each physician’s office. Please visit the "Our Surgeons" page for a list of physicians.

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