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Sleep Problems and Disorders

Sleep problems and disorders are more common than you may think. In the most recent survey of adult Americans conducted annually by the National Sleep Foundation, 75% of respondents reported having had at least one symptom of a sleep problem a few nights a week or more during the prior 12 months.

Research has contributed significantly to our understanding of sleep disorders and their treatment. At our sleep disorders centers, a team of specialists, including otolaryngologists, pulmonary specialists, psychiatrists, neurologists, bariatric surgeons and others, can assist patients with such conditions as:
Diagnosis & Treatment Sleep Apnea Locations Insomnia
Diagnosis & Treatment Narcolepsy Locations Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

If you would like assistance in determining which Mount Sinai Health System physician can best help you treat your sleep problem or disorder, please speak to a registered nurse at our Physician Referral Service: 1-800-420-4004.

Sleep Disorder Center at Mount Sinai St. Luke's Roosevelt
(212) 523-3610
Edward Eden, MD

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