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Myopathy is a broad term for a group of neuromuscular disorders characterized by muscle weakness resulting from a dysfunction of muscle fiber. Myopathies can have a genetic link, such as in muscular dystrophies and mytochondrial myopathies; they may be related to metabolic disorders or hormonal imbalances; or they may be acquired, as in the case of common muscle cramps and stiffness.

Treatments vary according to specific conditions and may include drug therapy, physical therapy, braces to support weak muscles or surgery.

For assistance in locating a neuromuscular disorder specialist for evaluation of myopathy-related disorders, contact our Physician Referral Service, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm at (866) 318-8756.

After hours, you may leave a name and callback number. We will call you back the next business day.

The above number is not for emergencies.

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