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Neuromuscular Disorders
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Neuromuscular disorders, which involve the nerves and muscles, are varied in their causes, symptoms and treatments. Thanks to genetics research and the development of new drug therapies and diagnostic techniques, patients today have a broader range of options for managing their conditions.

We have a dedicated staff of board-certified physicians, neuromuscular disease specialists, researchers, nurses, technicians, and allied health professionals expert in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of neuromuscular disorders, including

Our expertise is evidenced by the fact that the only ALS Association Center of Excellence in New York City is located at Mount Sinai Beth Israel.

For assistance in locating an appropriate neuromuscular disorder specialist, contact our Physician Referral Service, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm at (866) 318-8756.

After hours, you may leave a name and callback number. We will call you back the next business day.

The above number is not for emergencies.

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