How do I comply with the Conflict of Interest in Research policy?

  • Complete the required training at Investigators use the web-based Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) program to complete their conflict of interest training requirement. 
  • Keep Conflict of Interest education up to date – repeat every four years – or as directed by Institutional officials.
  • Complete Disclosure of Significant Financial Interests form annually, and update within thirty days when there is a change.  Investigators should refer to disclosure instructions from their primary site.
  • If you are a Principal Investigator on a project, complete the PI Certification form for any grant submission, or new or renewing application to the IRB or IACUC.  The Principal Investigator uses the PI Certification form to confirm the compliance status for each Investigator on the project roster.  The Principal Investigator uses the Addendum: Add Investigator(s) to PI Certification form to add an Investigator to an ongoing project, when a PI Certification form has already been submitted.