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Our acclaimed thoracic surgeons put the patient at the center of treatment. Their personalized and compassionate care starts well before the procedure and continues after surgery. These thoracic surgery experts take time to discuss, explain and evaluate treatment options with each patient and their family. This is a key part of our commitment to you, along with immense expertise in diagnosis and vast surgical experience.

Andrew Kaufman Andrew J. Kaufman Chief, Department of Thoracic Surgery
Assistant Professor, Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai Health System
Associate Program Director, Thoracic Surgery Airway Program & Asian Thoracic Surgery Program.
Raja M. Flores Raja M. Flores Professor Cardiothoracic Surgery
Ardeshir Hakami Ardeshir Hakami Assistant Professor Thoracic Surgery
Daniel Nicastri Daniel Nicastri Assistant Professor Thoracic Surgery
Ramachandra C. Reddy Ramachandra C. Reddy Assistant Professor Cardiothoracic Surgery
Andrea Wolf Andrea Wolf Assistant Professor Thoracic Surgery


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Andrew J. Kaufman, MD
Chief, Department of Thoracic Surgery

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You can get a FREE low-dose CT scan of your chest, which is recognized as the best test for spots (nodules) on the lungs. See if you qualify for a FREE test by calling 212.636.3333