The Blood Management and Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program at Mount Sinai Beth Israel coordinates bloodless health care throughout the institution, encouraging appropriate combinations of pharmaceuticals, surgical procedures and technologies, as well as innovative techniques to avoid the use of transfused blood and its components.

There are many excellent reasons to reduce the need for transfusions and the use of blood-based products. A policy of avoiding unnecessary transfusions gives all patients improved chances of reduced infection and immune suppression and often leads to quicker discharge and recovery times. Careful blood management also conserves blood during shortages.

Experts estimate that 40% of blood transfusions nationwide are unnecessary, as they are administered to stable non-bleeding patients. The Joint Commission, the leading accrediting organization in health care, announced in 2011 that “transfusion appropriateness” will be a key safety focus in the near future. Because Mount Sinai Beth Israel has long been home to some of the most well respected pioneers in bloodless health care and remains committed to staying on the forefront of advances in this field, the Joint Commission included Beth Israel as a pilot hospital for testing standardized measures to help assess blood management.

Some patients, due to personal or faith-based decisions, choose to avoid donor blood or blood products under any circumstance. For these patients in particular, Beth Israel is a leader in providing a broad range of measures for bloodless health care. Our progressive commitment to blood management policies hospital-wide, our bloodless expertise in many disciplines, such as orthopedics, gynecology/obstetrics, cardiac surgery, critical care, and our international reputation for excellence attracts people from all over who have an interest in blood management.

In New York City, no other hospital of Beth Israel’s size and reputation has a structured blood management health care program. In fact, there is no other formal program for bloodless health care of any kind in all of Manhattan.

This site will help you learn more about bloodless health care and what you can expect from the Blood Management and Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program at Beth Israel.

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For more information, you or your physician can call the program coordinator of the Blood Management and Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program at Mount Sinai Beth Israel at (212) 420-2430.