Second Opinion of a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Our breast cancer team has the expertise to provide the most accurate and immediate diagnosis and staging of breast disease, and many patients turn to us for second opinions of a breast cancer diagnosis or if they have an abnormal mammogram, sonogram (ultrasound), or MRI. While these breast imaging studies can be helpful in making an early diagnosis of significant breast disease, differences in techniques and interpretations can make final conclusions difficult. Our four dedicated breast radiologists are experts in making the most accurate diagnosis possible./p>

For a second opinion of a breast cancer diagnosis, we evaluate in detail the breast imaging studies, pathology slides, and physical examination. Often special views or other diagnostic studies may be recommended, and if needed, we utilize minimally invasive biopsy techniques to make a definitive diagnosis. In addition, our patients benefit by having their case reviewed at the weekly multidisciplinary breast conference described above.

Breast Surgery Division
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