Cancer Supportive Services

Managing breast disease involves much more than medical treatment. The Appel-Venet Comprehensive Breast Service places great importance on providing supportive services to our breast cancer patients. As part of the Mount Sinai Health System, we can offer our patients a wide variety of services to address their emotional needs as well as related health concerns and questions.

Our staff has developed and pioneered a program that provides symptom management and psychosocial support as a routine part of care through all of the phases of breast cancer treatment, beginning at the time of diagnosis. Through Cancer Supportive Services, patients and families have access to specialist-level care right in our centers without having to travel to outside facilities during surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. State-of-the art management of pain, fatigue and weight gain/loss are provided by physicians, nutritionists and social workers.

Wellness Programs such as yoga, meditation, Reiki, massage, warm water movement classes and support groups as well as a wide range of community lectures—on everything from prevention and early detection to the latest information about new treatments — are offered throughout the year. An Integrative Oncology Program weaves complementary therapies into the daily care provided. The LegalHealth Program brings attorneys to the treatment areas to address legal concerns that may adversely impact quality of life.

The Patient Navigator Program helps personalize care through the experience of veteran patients. Our Volunteer Program adds an extra visit or follow-up phone call in the midst of busy treatment routines.

Patients and families can visit the Karpas Cancer Library, which features up-to-the minute cancer information via the Internet as well as printed or electronic media.

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