Clinical services offered by the Department include a major outpatient center as well as programs for inpatients at the hospital:

Clinical Services at the Center for Health and Healing

The Center for Health and Healing is an initiative of Mount Sinai Beth Israel. Since its inception in 2000, the CHH has offered integrative primary and specialist care, employing safe and effective conventional, traditional medicine and healing therapies in a specially designed therapeutic environment. The Center’s staff is committed to relationship-centered care and a collaborative working environment. This approach considers the individual’s physical, psychosocial, spiritual, cultural and environmental needs in order to support healing on all levels. For more information on the available services, visit

    The Center for Health and Healing
    245 Fifth Avenue at 28th Street
    2nd and 3rd Floors
    New York, NY 10016
    (646) 935-2220

Holistic Preparation for Surgery Program

This program is designed to support patients through their surgical experience. The program was spearheaded by Aurora Ocampo, MA, RN, CS and is now under the supervision of Caroline Ortiz RN, MS-MPH, a Clinical Nurse Specialist experienced in practicing biofeedback, clinical imagery, aromatherapy and Reiki therapy.

Current research shows that mind-body interventions help patients achieve better surgical results and lessen emotional and psychological stress. Benefits include a reduction in anxiety, discomfort and pain perception, reduced length of hospital stay and improved coping skills.

This program helps patients prepare for surgery using the following techniques:

    • Centering and Grounding
    • Aromatherapy
    • Guided Imagery
    • Biofeedback
    • Energy Healing (Therapeutic Touch, Reiki)


The program has been so successful in helping patients feel more comfortable and reduce medication use following surgery that Ms. Ortiz educated and trained nurses throughout surgical units at the hospital to teach patients breath control techniques and clinical imagery for pain management. According to a survey tool used on the surgical unit, patients who practiced these holistic nursing therapies while also taking pain medication reported a higher level of pain relief when compared to those patients who receive pain medication alone.

For more information please contact Caroline Ortiz at (212) 420-2496

Our Preparing for Surgery Program is also available at no cost online thanks to a donation from the Balm Foundation:

Acupuncture Services

In addition to the outpatient acupuncture services offered at the CHH, acupuncture services are available for inpatients and for the hospital-based rehabilitative care of outpatients in select departments at Mount Sinai Beth Israel. These services are provided at no charge to patients by licensed acupuncturists through the Acupuncture Fellowship Program, directed by Dr. Arya Nielsen, senior acupuncturist at the CHH. Acupuncture has been extensively studied in the US, Europe and Asia and has demonstrated therapeutic value pre-and-post surgery, in obstetrics and gynecology, rehabilitation medicine, pulmonary and cardiac care, otolaryngology, emergency medicine and other medical specialties.

Acupuncturists have assigned shifts on several units throughout the hospital and acupuncture consults are available to all patients with physician approval on a first-come, first-served basis. To arrange acupuncture services for patients already in the hospital please call (646) 935-2248.

Click here for Information on our Acupuncture Fellows

Integrative Yoga Therapy Program

The Integrative Yoga Therapy Program at Mount Sinai Beth Israel was first introduced through a grant from the Urban Zen Foundation. This successful program has now become incorporated as a service of the Department of Integrative Medicine. In this program, highly skilled integrative yoga therapists provide bedside care to patients and provide support for family members, care providers and hospital staff. Individual and group sessions are tailored to meet the needs and abilities of each individual patient. Sessions focus on gentle movement, restorative postures, meditation practices and breath awareness techniques and are designed to promote relaxation and healing. Therapists with additional certifications may also utilize modalities such as Reiki and aromatherapy.

The goal of the Integrative Yoga Therapy Program is to help patients relieve symptoms of “PANIC” (pain, anxiety, nausea, insomnia and constipation), and to develop an awareness of their breathing and own internal healing mechanisms. The belief is that movement and mind-body integration is vital to the healing process. This program is available on many units throughout the hospital.

For more information about the availability of these services please call (212) 844-5028

Energy Therapy Program (Reiki, Healing Touch, and Therapeutic Touch)

Energy therapy enhances wellness by gently encouraging balance throughout the entire system: body, mind and spirit. Energy therapy sessions can help to reduce stress and anxiety, lessen pain and promote coping and faster recovery. This service is offered free of charge through the Department of Integrative Medicine to patients throughout the hospital.

For more information about the availability of these services please call (212) 844-5023.

Contemplative Care Services

Buddhist Chaplains & Contemplative Care Volunteers

In partnership with Mount Sinai Beth Israel's Departments of Integrative Medicine and Pastoral Care, the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care ( provides Buddhist Chaplains and Contemplative Care Volunteer services to patients, families and staff of any faith tradition or spiritual background throughout the Medical Center. The goal of contemplative care is to meet the needs of the whole person: their concerns, their feelings and beliefs, and what touches and inspires them.

New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care's mission is to offer compassionate care to anyone in need in order to create a more harmonious healing environment. They are the first Buddhist organization in the country to contract with a hospital to provide Buddhist Chaplains and to have the ACPE Buddhist Chaplaincy Training Program.

Contemplative Care Services provide:

  • Chaplains and trained Contemplative Care Volunteers to meet with patients and families
  • Contemplative Compassionate Care at the bedside
  • Guided and silent meditation instruction for individuals, families and staff
  • Rituals for important moments

While visiting us, if you or someone you care for would like to meet with one of our Buddhist Chaplains or Contemplative Care Volunteers, please contact us through the Pastoral Care Department: (212) 420-2759.