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Primary Care Services

The Primary Medical Practice at MMTP, which provides the highest quality health care to our patients and their families, includes health maintenance, disease prevention and illness management. Our physicians and physician assistants work with other members of Mount Sinai Beth Israelís comprehensive health care network to provide you access to state-of-the-art diagnostic and specialty services.
  • Health Maintenance
    Health maintenance involves not only maintaining patients' methadone treatment, but their overall physical and mental health. Caring for a patientís overall health is facilitated through the primary care services available at our clinics (25th Street and 125th Street clinics in Manhattan) and through Beth Israelís extensive network of specialty clinics based at Phillips Ambulatory Care Center (PACC) and at the hospitalís Petrie Division on 16th Street. Between our MMTP clinics and the two main hospital sites, Beth Israel offers nearly every conceivable specialty from allergy to orthopedics. Since weíre all part of Mount Sinai Beth Israel, we can share information and truly coordinate the care that our patients receive within our health system.

  • Disease Prevention
    Disease prevention is a major concern for patients within our system. Being the largest methadone maintenance program in NYC, we have the capability to immunize many of our patients for Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. Additionally, the MMTP staff refers and treats patients with Hepatitis C, and routinely tests all patients for HIV and provides applicable referrals to the Peter Krueger Center.

  • Illness Management
    The Illness Management Program is a comprehensive step-by-step approach to helping patients gain the appropriate skills in managing their illness. The staff at MMTP imparts these skills through motivational strategies, cognitive behavioral strategies and educational strategies, thereby reducing relapses and hospitalizations for patients.

    The program includes weekly sessions where the patient is educated about personal strategies for coping with mental illness, chronic medical problems and moving forward in their lives. Individual treatment plans are devised to help the individual develop and implement the appropriate plans and our staff works continuously with patients to help manage their treatment.

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