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Mount Sinai Beth Israel has partnered with TransCare to provide 24/7 emergency transportation, exclusively for MMTP patients. This round-the-clock transportation is available from the patientís home to Beth Israelís Emergency Department (1st Avenue at 16th Street) and offers many benefits to the patient including better communication, medication maintenance and a higher quality of overall care.
  • Better Communication
    If you are hospitalized, it will be easier and faster for the hospital staff to verify your methadone dose with your clinic.

  • Medication Maintenance
    Your comfort and care while hospitalized are important to us. Members of our medical staff are available to visit you and provide pain management consultations. The staff will also be available in person or on the phone to make methadone dose adjustments if

    For more information speak with your counselor or nurse today.

  • Physician Coverage After Clinic Hours
    Medical situations do not always occur during clinic hours. If you have a medical problem after hours you can now speak with a doctor. For physician coverage after clinic hours please call (212) 420-2059. Please note: This number should not be used for missed medication or dose adjustments.

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