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NICU Music Therapy

NICU Music Therapy Assessment

Image: Louis Armstrong

The assessment form in the NICU is essential for the music therapist. It substantiates the work in terms of providing a baseline for treatment that will follow. It includes the collection of heart rate and respiratory rate, oxygen saturation levels, and notations on this form outline the behavioral variances in the infant's sleep and awake states.

The infant's response to the therapist's choice of instruments is important to note. It is useful for the music therapist to meet with the infant's parent/s. Tape recording mother's voice for the purposes of learning her vocal (speaking) melodic range as well as her vocal timbre (nasal, hoarse, airy) can have positive implications for the use of toning and singing when she may be unavailable for sessions.

Assessment Form
For a downloadable copy of the Assessment Form, please contact info@musicandmedicine.org.

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