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Tyler's Room

Image: Family Tyler's Room is a state-of-the-art recording studio, housed in a teen-friendly space on the Pediatric unit of Mount Sinai Beth Israel. The design of the room itself was created as an inviting space for teen patients and their friends or families to experience hospitalization from a unique perspective afforded within this creatively nurturing space. It is the manifestation of the Music Never Stops: The Tyler Seaman Foundation, which was founded by friends and family, with much love and desire to honor the life of Tyler Seaman, a teenage boy who succumbed to cancer in 2010. Tyler's participation in the world through creative expression and music made an indelible mark on the lives of many, and it is this legacy that has brought Tyler's Room into fruition within the Louis Armstrong Department of Music Therapy Center at Mount Sinai Beth Israel.

Adolescence can be a tumultuous time with many emotional and physical changes happening simultaneously-where meeting the developmental needs of teen patients can pose a unique challenge to hospitals and care providers, especially when complicated by the psycho emotional demands of cancer and other serious illnesses. Providing a space where teens can feel dignified beyond a diagnosis as young adults, but also nurtured, encouraged, and supported in their roles as teenagers still enjoying the freedoms of being a kid at times, is one of the goals of Tyler's Room. We know that when teenagers feel supported through authentic means afforded during creative expression of songwriting and music production, that the necessary resources to cope with illness and treatment are optimized.

Clinical Services include:

Image: Family -Individual music psychotherapy for teens and young adults
-Family sessions for siblings, and other family members with creative opportunities to ignites a dialogue of profound honesty, dignity, and authenticity amongst teen patients and their loved ones
-Group sessions with friends, nurses, doctors, parents, and other family members where authentic communication is fostered to highlight the teen's voice -which when truly heard and integrated enhances vitality and increases active participation in and outside treatment.

Tyler's Room offers a myriad of therapeutic opportunities for teens and young adults to experience the healthiest parts of them selves as they go through treatment. It keeps the studio resources technologically current and our music resources relevant in the eyes of teens and young adults, The Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine is ever appreciative of philanthropic donations. Such generosity can be realized by calling 212-420-2704 or by contacting us at info@musicandmedicine.org

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