The Alan and Barbara Mirken Department’s neurology specialists are actively engaged in leading research and investigation. Their innovative work at Beth Israel is providing a more nuanced understanding of the causes, treatments, and implications of movement disorders. While this pursuit hopefully brings us closer to a cure, our research continuously shapes the groundbreaking care of our patients.

In addition to offering cutting edge therapies, the neurology center continuously provides opportunities for patient participation in promising research. For example, a current study of the genetics of Parkinson’s disease is examining the role of the LRRK2 gene among certain ethnic populations and is searching for participants with a Parkinson’s diagnosis that meet certain additional criteria. LRRK2 gene research is not only providing important data about inheritability but also contributing to the development of gene inhibiting drugs that may alter the progression of the disease. As with all research, these investigations could spur other critical advancements and have implications for other neurological conditions as well.

Research achievements of our faculty appear in widely circulated, peer-reviewed literature. In addition to publishing, our research faculty frequently presents to the medical community and other interested groups to help them stay abreast of recent advancements. One of the advantages of being a teaching hospital is benefiting from the fresh perspective of the next generation of neurology specialists. In addition to collaborating with faculty on existing clinical trials and research, our residents and Movement Disorder Fellows are encouraged to pursue new lines of inquiry and receive strong support for their original research. Together, doctors and patients are working towards more effective treatment of movement disorders and ultimately a cure. To learn more about specific areas of neurology research, click on the links below.

Adult Epilepsy
Parkinson's Disease Genetic Research
Dystonia Genetic Research
ALS Research

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