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The Alan and Barbara Mirken Department of Neurology’s movement disorder specialists treat and research a wide array of adult and pediatric neurological conditions. Whether you need a general neurologist, an epilepsy specialist, a neuropsychologist, or one of our many other subspecialists, you can receive the diagnostic and clinical services that you require. Our commitment to comprehensive care, clinical excellence, and innovative research attracts thousands of patients each year from around the world. Clinical services include:

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Also of note are the Alan and Barbara Mirken Department of Neurology’s three Centers of Excellence. They are:

Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia Center of Excellence at Beth Israel
This multidisciplinary center is the first of its kind for dystonia. It brings together neurologists, surgeons, psychiatrists, genetic counselors, and others as needed, to confer about a patient’s diagnosis and develop a comprehensive, coordinated treatment plan.

ALS Association-Certified Center at Beth Israel
Geared toward helping patients live more productively and independently, the ALS Center at Mount Sinai Beth Israel provides a coordinated program of medical treatment, rehabilitation and support in a compassionate environment for patients with neuromuscular disorders with special expertise in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (often referred to as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and EMG/nerve conduction studies.

National Parkinson’s Foundation (NPF) Center of Excellence at Beth Israel
A National Parkinson Foundation (NPF) Center of Excellence since 1996, Beth Israel prides itself on its multidisciplinary, humanistic approach to care. Our movement disorder specialists conduct the most up-to-date research and provides specialized services, supportive care programs, and referral services for patients, caregivers, and loved ones.

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