Pediatric Neuropsychology

The pediatric neurology program at The Alan and Barbara Mirken Department of Neurology offers on-staff expertise in neuropsychology.

The department’s neuropsychologist evaluates children who are having problems with some aspect of their thinking (attention, memory, language). A comprehensive evaluation identifies cognitive strengths and weaknesses, as well as psychosocial issues that might be causing symptoms.

Often, the evaluation can lead to a diagnosis such as a language disorder, learning disability, attention deficit disorder, or pervasive developmental disorder. When appropriate, patients are referred to our pediatric neurologists for ongoing care. At other times, it is the neurologist who orders the neuropsychological assessment to help evaluate treatment effects in patients with neurological diagnoses such as epilepsy, movement disorders and head injury.

One of the goals of the neuropsychological evaluation is to develop recommendations that can help strengthen a child’s weaknesses and improve the child’s quality of life. Recommendations may pertain to a child’s academic program, therapies (speech, occupational), and home interventions, and focus on strategies that can help enhance a child’s learning and behavior.

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