Nursing & Patient Care Services

A Message from the Interim Senior Vice President for Patient Care Services & Chief Nursing Officer

Since its beginning in 1890, Mount Sinai Beth Israel (MSBI) has been one of New York City’s premier hospitals. Located in the dynamic Lower East Side of Manhattan, the professionals of MSBI Nursing & Patient Care Services are privileged to serve some of the most diverse communities of New York. A large part of what makes MSBI such a superb institution is our gifted nursing and clinical staff.

All of Mount Sinai Beth Israel’s patient care staff are among the most educated, dynamic, articulate and compassionate practitioners in the nursing field today. They bring a spirit of professionalism and clinical excellence to every facet of nursing and patient care. Our team is as diverse as our patient population, adding vigor to our environment of care, and contributing to a culture of tolerance and respect.

The hospital of today is extremely complicated. Sophisticated treatments and technologies continue to grow alongside an intricate, and sometimes frustrating insurance landscape. In this challenging environment, MSBI clinical professionals act as guiding navigators of care through their commitment to relationships, quality and excellence. Everything at Mount Sinai Beth Israel - our people, practice, technology, research and education - focuses on delivering care that is of the highest quality, safest, and best value to you, our patient.

Because you are at the center of everything that we do, we work 24/7 to ensure that we care for you safely, effectively and compassionately. To stay on top of best practice, we continually measure ourselves against national initiatives, like the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI), the IHI 100,000 lives campaign, and various patient satisfaction analysis systems.

Much of our attention is focused on issues that directly impact your health. We want you to improve under our care, so we’re constantly working to better how we monitor and treat you. We’re constantly implementing quality improvement programs in areas like preventing you from falling, stopping infections from happening, and making sure that we practice top-of-the-line skin care.

Our patient care team is well-educated and well-qualified. As tech-savvy critical thinkers, each member is vital to the success of our award-winning care. You’ll see that MSBI nurses and patient care staff collaborate and communicate on your behalf to the doctors, social workers, assistive staff, and other many other multidisciplinary team members, who all work together for you. MSBI patient care staff regularly engages with educators, mentors, preceptors and each other. In other words, they are continually learning and growing.

We know that spending time in the hospital is never easy. With that said, we’re prepared and grateful that you’ve chosen MSBI for your care. As our hospital motto encourages, always know that you can – Just Ask Me! – I’m happy to help.

Christine D. Mahoney
MS, RN, CCRN, AGACNP-BC, Interim Chief Nursing Officer, MSBI

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