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As you age, your health needs get more complex. Often you have more than one chronic condition. And more ailments can mean more medications—and potential drug interactions. What’s more, a physical issue (such as memory impairment) can trigger an emotional problem (such as depression).

That’s why Senior Health offers comprehensive care to meet all your evolving health care needs, always with an expert geriatrics focus. Services include:

“We look at every person’s situation individually. We tailor our approach to each person’s cultural background, gender, age, and type of family support. There are so many influences on an elderly person’s health and well-being, and we consider them all in treatment.”

—Monte Peterson, MD, Medical Director, Senior Health

Outpatient primary care medicine: You receive expert geriatric medical care for a wide range of conditions. We help you with everything from managing diabetes—and addressing issues related to dementia as it worsens—to getting you safely through a cold (which can be more serious in older people). If you’re ever admitted to Mount Sinai Beth Israel, our geriatricians communicate with your hospital doctors throughout your stay.

Consultation services: Working with your primary care physician, we supply the important geriatrics expertise. For example, memory problems may not be your doctor’s area of expertise…but they are ours. You can see us for memory evaluations and recommendations, then be treated by your doctor.

Social workers: Get life-enhancing help finding the resources you need. This can include information about food stamps, Medicaid and Medicare, as well as community-based services like home care, senior centers and accessible transportation that’ll get you out and about.

Palliative care (including hospice): As geriatrics specialists, we understand the needs of patients nearing the end of life. Working sensitively with the patient, family and other caregivers, we evaluate, make recommendations, and make referrals for palliative or hospice care, based on our relationships with quality care providers. One of our own Senior Health program physicians is board-certified in Hospice and Palliative Medicine.

“Some of our patients haven’t been out of their apartment for years because of mobility issues. We put in different types of equipment to allow them to navigate within their own apartments. Sometimes it’s as simple as a physical therapist showing them how to use a walker, or installing grab bars. In these ways, we can often get them mobilized.”

– Joseph Kessler, DO, Senior Health House Calls

House Calls Program: A rarity today . . . our program brings geriatrics health services to homebound seniors in lower and midtown Manhattan. Right in your home, we provide medical care, expert help getting services, and emotional support for all involved. Let us improve your quality of life and help you stay in your own home. (Click on House Calls Program for more information.)

Caregiver Support Program: Who is caring for the caregivers? Our experts are…through this safety net of support services specifically designed for caregivers to seniors. We help you evaluate care options at every point (home care? nursing facility? other?), offer you effective stress reduction techniques, intervene during crises, and much more. (Click on Caregiver Support Program for more information.)

Preventive medicine: At age 75, do you still need a PAP smear? At age 80, is a flu vaccination risky—or smart? At age 65, do you really need a pneumonia vaccination? Our geriatrics specialists evaluate your health history, then make individualized recommendations for age-appropriate screenings, tests, vaccinations and other forms of preventive care.

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