WHAT IF...you are an older adult living alone in a five-story walk-up, and you can't get out? You barely talk to anyone all week long. Life is lonely. The House Calls program can help. Our social workers can arrange for volunteers to visit you in your home, to chat and share a laugh. Life feels good again!

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WHAT IF...you are a senior dealing with chronic pain, but you can't get out to a doctor? The House Calls program can help. We can arrange for a physical therapist to treat you right in your home.

WHAT IF...you are feeling depressed because of your lack of mobility? That's natural—but treatable. The House Calls program can bring a skilled mental health counselor right into your home.

If you are homebound or mostly homebound, our House Calls program brings you medical care, mental health services, and help getting the community resources you need. By making sure you get the care you need, we help you stay in your home.

We bring all these services right to your home:

  • Comprehensive geriatrics care by a geriatrician or specially trained nurse practitioner (NP).
  • Our experienced social workers help you find the right home care service, and also offer emotional support to you and your caregivers.
  • We arrange for in-home lab and X-ray services if you need them.
  • We coordinate care with other specialists and community-based agencies.
  • We help you manage chronic illness, helping you remain in your own home, where you want to be.
  • We collaborate closely with hospital staff if you need to be hospitalized.

Do you qualify for House Calls?

You do if you are over 65, homebound or mostly homebound, and can't get to a doctor's office. We see people living in lower and midtown Manhattan. However, we sometimes make house calls outside this range, so please do call us.

How do you get set up in the program?

It’s easy. Just call 212.206.1299 Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 5 pm

We look forward to hearing from you.

“Caregivers appreciate most that somebody is looking after their relative. They have somebody to call 24/7. We get calls from caregivers at 3:30 in morning, saying a patient has chest pain. The caregiver is incredibly relieved to get a response from a real person. And there’s continuity of care – a relationship. That is extremely beneficial to everyone involved.”

—Joseph Kessler, DO, Senior Health House Calls
“The major benefit of the House Calls program to patients is that we offer them a more personal experience. By seeing a patient in their own surroundings, we learn much more about them…what their interests are…how their home is laid out. If we see that someone doesn’t have money for certain meds, we can think of alternatives. We’re able to help our patients function maximally in their own space.”

—Wendi J. Lovenvirth, DO, Director, Senior Health House Calls
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We are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm.

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