Welcome to Beth Israel Senior Health and Senior Health House Calls. We’ve tailored this program to your needs as an older adult.

If you are 55 years or older, our geriatricians, primary care physicians, nurse practitioners and social workers can help you enjoy better health, better quality of life-possibly even greater independence!

If you are a caregiver to an older adult, our many support services can help you, too.

And we make house calls...improving the lives of homebound older adults by providing high-quality medical and social services.

Because your needs are unique, so is our program. You benefit from:

The good news is that aging does not automatically mean decline.

“We care for a 102-year-old patient who is totally cognitively intact.”

—Joyce Fogel, MD, FACP, Chief, Geriatric Medicine

Comprehensive care: We help you prevent problems, manage illness, and deal successfully with issues common to older people. We look at all parts of your life-medical, emotional, social and daily living-to see how these affect each other.

Interdisciplinary team approach: We work closely with your other health care providers as well as with community resources. We coordinate sensitively with everyone involved in your care-including family members, and other caregivers.

Individualized care: We focus on your goals for yourself. Do you want increased mobility? More social interaction? Less pain? You tell us how you want to improve your life, and then we help you achieve your goal. Our care is based on your age, your medical condition, your wishes and your cultural needs.

Senior Health is a geriatrics practice affiliated with Mount Sinai Beth Israel, and is located at 275 Eighth Avenue (24th Street) in Manhattan. Staffed by specialists trained in the care of older adults, we offer primary medical care, consultations with other physicians, and a wide range of support services, including house calls to the homebound.

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Senior Health

House Calls

Our patients can reach a doctor after 5 pm or on the weekends by calling