“You have complete trust in this place. I know that when I come in here that I am going to get honest answers and I’m going to get what ever treatment is necessary.”

—Thomas M., patient
“They always treat you like a friend when you come in, not as impersonal as most doctors’ offices are. As if they really care about you, which is quite gratifying.”

—Edith M., patient
“I have staff here that really help me beyond the call of duty.”

—Wing K., patient

Senior Health House Calls Program

“My 92-year-old uncle, Jack, is much less able to get out to doctors. He needs seven-day-a-week, 10-hour-a-day care. Being in Denver, how in the world could I manage his care? For three years, Dr. Kessler [of Senior Health House Calls] has taken over a good part of Jack’s care. Whenever I leave a message, Dr. Kessler almost instantly takes care of it. Within one or two days, he’s at the apartment. Or perhaps an X-ray machine shows up. It’s incredible! The service could not be better.”

—Carol M., neice of patient Jack M.
“My aunt is 89 and her health is failing. She lives in Chelsea, and it’s hard for her to get a cab, and difficult for her to walk. Getting uptown to her doctor was getting to be impossible. Everything changed with Senior House Calls. Dr. Kessler spends time with my aunt in her apartment. He did a medical work-up in her home. Any tests she needs, he sends people up to the apartment. Now she’s getting the medical care she needs. It’s a very good program."

—Harriet H., niece of patient Roselyn G.
“I love the House Calls program. Dr. Kessler is doing a fantastic job monitoring my mother’s health. He’s very attentive, very thorough. He always makes follow-up calls. And he’s always checking that her medication levels are correct. I love the fact that the service is available and that it’s really effective."

—Mark G., son of patient Sylvia G.
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Senior Health

House Calls

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