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At Senior Health, we don't treat just the patient. We recognize the important role of caregivers in the well-being of many of our senior patients. That’s why we like to say, we also "treat" those who are caring for an aging family member or friend. We offer caregivers many kinds of helpful support:

  • We offer guidance in dealing effectively with difficult conditions. For example, we teach caregivers how to understand the needs of a person with dementia who can no longer communicate.

  • Working with caregivers, we develop a coordinated care plan. And caregivers need—and deserve—a chance to offer their perspective. That’s why we always make time to speak with caregivers on a regular basis. Caregivers also need ongoing emotional support to deal with this often stressful job. That’s why we provide our unique Caregiver Support Program.

Because Senior Health geriatricians recognize that caregivers and family are incredibly important in maximizing the wellness and quality of life of an older adult, we provide ongoing guidance and support to all caregivers involved.

“No one teaches you how to be a caregiver. This is unchartered territory. In the group, we learn how to have conversations with a parent or spouse, so these people have a voice, a say. We learn ways to cope with the challenges inherent in the caregiving passage, and to also see the rewards. And we learn how to become fearless advocates for our loved ones.”

—Susan Group, LCSW, geriatrics social worker and caregiver support group leader with the House Calls program
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