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Admission to the Addiction Institute at
Mount Sinai – Beth Israel

The “Road to Recovery” begins with the Addiction Institute at Mount Sinai – Beth Israel’s admissions unit, where the patient is prepared for entry into one of the inpatient or outpatient programs. Preparation for admission includes a medical exam and an interview.

The medical evaluation

  • Determines the degree of dependency
  • Identifies treatment(s) needed for related medical conditions
  • Provides a history of medications
Our staff also evaluates the patient’s past and current psychiatric treatment, and obtains all releases necessary to coordinate treatment. Appointments are arranged for psychiatric evaluations when needed.

The interview:

  • Reveals the nature and extent of the chemical dependency
  • Uncovers the areas in which substance abuse has jeopardized the patient’s well-being – their physical and mental health, family life and career.

The staff at the Addiction Institute at Mount Sinai – Beth Israel uses the information obtained to formulate an individualized treatment plan for the patient. After evaluation, our staff completes a comprehensive bio and psycho-social summary. This summary includes information about the following areas: housing, employment, education, family, interpersonal dynamics medical, physiatrist, legal, spiritual, financial, prior treatment history of incarceration, and drug/alcohol history.

Applications for admission to the Chemical Dependency Services at the Addiction Institute at Mount Sinai – Beth Israel can be facilitated in several ways; via walk-ins, self-referrals; intra-hospital transfers and outside referrals. All patients are voluntary admissions and must be 18-years or older.

Each patient’s admission is based on their outcome of care from lower intensity programs, motivation for treatment, and/or their clinical status. Length of stay is dependent on the individual’s particular addiction, clinical condition and support system.

Insurance Coverage
Because the Addiction Institute at Mount Sinai – Beth Israel is a hospital based program, the cost is covered by most major health insurance plans. Our admitting staff is happy to answer any questions regarding financial arrangements and confirm insurance coverage prior to admission.

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