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Clinical Outcomes

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Head & Neck Cancers

CCCNY's expert, highly collaborative multidisciplinary teams are national leaders in treating cancers of the head and neck. Their closely coordinated state-of-the-art treatments combine surgery, radiation and chemotherapy to the specific requirements of each cancer. The following results for some common diagnoses indicate the outcomes our approach has produced.


Among the most common head and neck cancers are those involving the voice box, or larynx. Tumors originating at the vocal cords of the larynx are particularly important since they account for the strength, clarity and pitch of voice. (See the drawing below.) Early stage vocal cord tumors may be managed with surgery or radiation therapy with high cure rates for each approach. Patients treated with radiotherapy are likely to maintain the quality of their voice. Below are outcomes for over 300 patients treated with radiotherapy alone for T1 (tumors involving either one or both vocal cords), T2 (vocal cords that have spread to structures above or below the cords or have impaired mobility) and selected T3 cancers (cancers that have paralyzed a vocal cord). Results for patients with T4 larynx cancers and more advanced T3 cancers are currently being analyzed and will be available soon.

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