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Clinical Outcomes

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Pancreatic Cancer

Evaluation and treatment of pancreas cancer requires highly skilled multidisciplinary teams to assess patients carefully and plan and deliver treatment. As this graph shows, patient outcomes depend on cancer stage, or how far advanced the cancer is when it was found. It is particularly important that the surgical team is experienced enough to perform the very complicated surgery on "resectable" patients able to have all visible cancer safely removed. When cancer has spread to other parts of the body through the bloodstream to become "metastatic," we rely on chemotherapy alone to shrink it or slow it down. However, radiation may be helpful when cancer implants cause specific, "local" problems such as pain.

Some published outcomes exclude patients who died of non-cancer causes. We report deaths from all causes, including non-cancer deaths, because cancer can play an unsuspected role in deaths from other causes. We also include patients who did not receive all of their cancer treatment at CCCNY.

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