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Surgical Cytoreduction Followed by Intraoperative Intrathoracic Hyperthermic Chemotherapy Perfusion for the Management of Disseminated Pleural Malignancies

Principal Investigator: Cliff Connery, MD
Time frame of study: Ongoing
Location of Study:

Mount Sinai Beth Israel
St.Luke's-Mount Sinai West


Continuum Cancer Research Program
(212) 844-6286

The purpose of this study is to see if an experimental therapy for advanced lung cancer is more effective than the current standard of care - which consists of chemotherapy (medications), radiation therapy, or palliative care. This new treatment consists of surgical removal of any large tumor(s) in the chest, combined with heated chemotherapy applied directly to the pleura (lining of the chest cavity), at the time of surgery. Unfortunately, surgical removal of a tumor alone or chemotherapy alone are not very effective in treating cancer at this stage. However, combining surgery with heated chemotherapy applied directly to the cancer has shown promising results in both the chest - for other types of cancer - and in other parts of the body. Our hope is to increase the survival rate for advanced stage lung cancer.

Eligibility and Treatment Plan:
• Male and female patients, aged 18-75 with cancer that has spread to the pleural lining of the lung
• No evidence of abdominal, pelvic, or intracranial metastatic disease (disease that has spread to other parts of the body)
• Completion of chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy at least one month prior to entry in the study
• Adequate liver function
• Pregnant or Lactating women are ineligible for this study

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