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About ‘Laura’s Journeys’…

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Established in fall 2009 in loving memory of Laura Parness, ‘Laura’s Journeys’ is a support program for cancer patients at Continuum Cancer Centers of New York at Mount Sinai St. Luke's Roosevelt in Manhattan.  The program, which is now affiliated with the Helen Sawaya Fund at Mount Sinai Roosevelt, is designed to encourage and facilitate recreational travel for the patient along with their spouse/partner or other family members/friends.
Through the generosity of private donors and the travel industry, Laura’s Journeys has now awarded nearly 40 vacations and weekend getaways to chemotherapy and radiation therapy patients at Roosevelt through free drawings in the hospital’s Infusion Suite. These have included one-week cruises to the Caribbean, Bermuda and New England/Canada; a one-week trip to Athens, Greece; one-week stays at timeshare resorts in Florida and New Jersey; and two-night  getaways to the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts and Atlantic City. 

In addition to the free trips, the program offers live and online travel advice for patients or their significant others, covering everything from weekend getaways in the metro New York area to week or longer journeys by car, plane, train or boat to other points in the U.S. or abroad.

Based on their experiences, our volunteers share their recommendations for places you can comfortably visit while undergoing treatment, while also passing on tips to make your journeys more pleasant, affordable and less stressful.

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