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Eliana Program

The Eliana Program is part of Continuum Cancer Centers of New York Comprehensive Thoracic Oncology Program.

Patient navigation is an important part of our program. The navigator is a resource person who helps guide the patient through the diagnostic and healing process prescribed and managed by our health care professionals.

Eliana is a Hebrew word, which means "God answered." By joining this word to the ideas of treatment and healing, the program's name evokes the spirit of hope that animates every part of the center. Founded in 2004 through a generous philanthropic gift, the Eliana Center encompasses a team of doctors, nurses, patient navigators and a nutritionist working together to provide the best possible care to people with lung and chest cancers.

Our goals are to:

  • Provide coordinated multidisciplinary care to people with cancers of the chest
  • Promote a high quality of life for people with cancers of the chest
  • Provide information and assistance to prevent cancers of the chest
Caring for patients with lung and chest cancer requires close and effective coordination of multiple specialists and treatments during the different stages of the disease. Our treatment team combines the skills of these specialties to ensure coordinated care, good communication and an aggressive approach to treatment.

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