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Meet Our Physicians and Staff

Thoracic Surgeons
Faiz Y. Bhora, MD

Medical Oncology
Daniel Becker, MD
Benjamin Levy, MD, Chief
ZuJun Li, MD

Mediastinal Tumors and Lymphomas
Michael Grossbard, MD

Radiation Oncology
Walter Choi, MD
Andrew Evans, MD, Chief
John Rescigno, MD

Interventional Pulmonary
Arthur Sung, MD

Songyang Yuan, MD

Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
Malcolm D. Reid, MD
Kevin H. Weiner, MD

Pulmonary Medicine
Samuel Acquah, MD
Edward Eden, MD
E. Mirna Mohanraj, MD
Patricia Villamena, MD

Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Edward Eden, MD
Jonathan Raskin, MD

Munir Ghesani, MD
Jonathan Killam, MD
Alan Legasto, MD

Cancer Supportive Services
Seth Resnick, MD
Jeremy Winell, MD

Patient Navigator
Patricia Stacey

Nurse Practitioners
Yvonne Cruz
Mariya Yakubov

Research Analysts
Zachary Galitzech
Rodrigo Nabong
Tiffany Xing

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