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Continuing Care

We are proud of the careful, comprehensive follow-up care we provide our patients. Our extensive follow-up services are designed to maximize a prompt return to normal activity and, at the same time, to closely monitor the patient for a possible recurrence or new malignancies.

We always keep the patient's primary care physician "in the loop" in terms of the status and progress of treatment.

The Comprehensive Thoracic Oncology program has an entire range of supportive services, pain management, physical therapy, nutritional support, rehabilitation services, and psychological and emotional support. In addition, the services of the Continuum Center for Health and Healing are available to assist patients recovering from lung and other thoracic cancers.

Patients recovering from major surgical procedures are generally able to perform the normal activities of daily living, such as routine personal care and meal preparation. For patients who require more care following surgery, the clinical team works with our social work department to create a discharge plan. This plan may encompass home nursing needs, medications and treatments, housekeeping needs, physical therapy and rehabilitation.

The first follow-up visit is usually one or two weeks after discharge. Subsequent visits are generally scheduled at longer intervals. These follow-up visits include an examination and a review of progress. For these visits, the physician will usually request a new chest X-ray or, occasionally, a CT scan to enable him to evaluate the patient's recovery.

In general, six months after treatment for thoracic malignancies, doctors will request a new CT scan. Patients are seen by a surgeon every six to 12 months. Of course, if additional treatments are undertaken, or if the patient is participating in a clinical trial, this general schedule may not apply. Patients who have undergone chemotherapy or radiation therapy will have continual care by these physicians, depending on the type of treatment and ongoing need.

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