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Health among college students is particularly important because the college years are a time of transition when students begin to adopt life-long behaviors that either enhance or debilitate their general wellness. Aside from developing long-term health patterns, research has shown that staying healthy is important for success in college. Recent findings link physical and psychological health with academic development, leadership qualities and overall satisfaction with college.

Student Health Services Network is committed to providing hassle-free, responsive service. We offer colleges and universities a superior network of health care providers with expertise in diagnosing and treating the injuries and illnesses of their students. Obtaining non-confidential information about your students' health status and prognosis is accomplished with just one call. The Student Health Services Network liaison nurse will work closely with your staff to coordinate your students' appointments with our providers, authorize care for all appropriate services and monitor their care.

By calling one number, you access a team of professionals who can fully and effectively coordinate the needs of your students.

Student Health Services Network works with colleges and universities to determine the insurance needs of its population and to help establish a student health program to meet those needs. Our Student Health Services Network enhances the image of your school's commitment to the care and safety of all those enrolled.

Our Advantages
Student Health Services Network offers:

  • Experience and expertise in student health
  • A provider network comprised of outstanding medical staff
  • In-depth understanding of students' needs
  • Close coordination and communication with school leadership
  • An ability to measure health care costs, quality and safety


  • Superior physicians and facilities
  • 24/7 on-call coverage
  • Acute-injury care
  • Access to medical specialists
  • Centralized care coordination
  • Vaccinations and screening for immunity
  • Wellness and health education
  • Monitoring, documenting and reporting outcomes
  • Behavioral health, alcohol and substance abuse counseling
  • Confidentiality
  • Discount prescription program
  • Preventive medicine

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