Joint Replacement

*United Health Care has named St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center a Premium Specialty Center for Total Joint Replacement, recognizing our leadership in quality orthopedic care. This designation means the St. Luke's-Roosevelt Orthopedics Department meets or exceeds the recognized standards of care for total joint replacement---an acknowledgment that we’re a hospital you can choose with confidence.

Douglas B. Unis, MD
Hip, Knee

Dennis F. Fabian, DO

Paul Hobeika, MD
Knee, Shoulder

Hip and knee replacement surgery can help relieve joint pain caused by damage to the cartilage—and is typically performed after such treatments as physical therapy and medication have failed. At Roosevelt and St. Luke's Hospitals in New York City, our goal for hip and knee replacement is twofold: relief from pain with improved function and range of motion —all resulting in a more active and comfortable lifestyle for you.

Hip and knee replacements are the most common, but the surgery can also be performed on joints such as the shoulder and elbow. Reasons for joint replacement might include trauma such as fractures or disease such as arthritis. During joint replacement, diseased or injured joint surfaces are removed and replaced with an artificial joint called a prosthesis, which is generally made of metal and plastic or ceramic. These materials are designed to allow the joint to move more like your normal joint.

Roosevelt and St. Luke's Hospital orthopaedic surgeons offer state-of the-art care for both complex and typical degenerative conditions of the hip, knee, and other joints. Our physicians have extensive training in all types of joint replacement and utilize the latest materials and newest approaches. We offer the most advanced techniques and procedures, including the unicondylar knee, which allows a surgeon to partially replace a diseased knee joint, and many hip and knee replacements can now be done with minimally invasive surgery.

Image: RV
An X-ray of a knee replacement.

Image: RV
An X-ray of a total hip replacement.

Our multidisciplinary staff—including physicians, anesthesiologists, nurses, physical therapists, and others—all have special expertise in joint replacement surgery. We work together to give you the best care possible, from pre-surgery consultations to rehabilitation following your replacement.

If you are considering joint replacement surgery, call 1-800-753-3240 for a referral to a joint replacement specialist.