The Pediatric Psychopharmacology Clinic (PPC) at Mount Sinai West is run in collaboration with the Developmental Disabilities Clinic (DDC). We provide comprehensive and multidisciplinary assessments and medication evaluation for children ages 0-18 with the full gamut of emotional or behavioral disturbances. In addition, the clinic evaluates and treats children and adolescents with developmental disorders, who also require psychiatric care. The emphasis in the clinic is on long-term follow-up and continuous re-assessment of treatment strategies for severely psychiatrically disturbed children. It provides specialized consultation to local psychiatrists, social agencies, community residential schools and other mental health organizations, on issues of pediatric psychopharmacology. This clinic is located in Clinic 1K at the Roosevelt campus on Monday afternoons.

For Information, contact:
Zinoviy Gutkovich, M.D., Attending Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Phone: (212) 523-5536

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