The Mount Sinai St. Luke's Child and Family Institute’s Citywide Children’s Single Point of Access (CSPOA) is designed to streamline the application process for the intensive mental health services for children, ages 5 to 17.9, throughout New York City. These children have difficulties in their life domains – at home, school and the community. These children and adolescents are at risk for hospitalization and/or placement in residential care. Once the CSPOA specialist receives your Universal Referral Form and required documentation, they will determine the level of care and refer the child to the appropriate treatment provider in one of the following programs:

Home and Community-Based Services Waiver:
The program offers the highest level of outpatient psychiatric care outside of a hospital environment. The goal is to help families keep their children at home - even when they are eligible for placement in residential treatment facilities or in-patient care. HCBSW Services can include: respite care, skill-building services, family support, intensive in-home and crisis responses services.

Intensive Case Management:
This program provides a trained child mental health specialist to work with the child and the family. The ICM worker coordinates services for families by identifying children’s needs and strengths and by advocating for them.

Blended Case Management:
This program provides a seamless transition between Intensive Case Management Services and less intensive Supportive Case Management Services. This provides continuity and familiarity to children who fluctuate between intensive and less critical levels of service.

Family Based Therapeutic Intervention (Bronx Only):
Offers free, short-term mental health services in the home to children with an Axis 1 diagnosis who are between the ages of 5 - 18. The goal of this program is to stabilize homes addressing parent child relationship issues.  Trained mental health professionals provide caretakers with clear strategies to accomplish specific goals related to the child's behavior and emotional adjustment.

Community Residence:
These are small therapeutic group homes, supervised by specially trained staff with clinical services provided by local mental health programs in the community. Please note that this is not a group home or foster care placement, but a service provided by the Office of Mental Health

Contact Information
For CSPOA issues in the Bronx and Manhattan:
Sudhir Nayyar, LMSW
Utilization Review Specialist
Children’s Community Mental Health Services
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health
Mount Sinai St. Luke’s
1090 Amsterdam Avenue
15th Floor
New York, NY 10025
T: 212-523-2876/ 888-277-6258

For CSPOA issues in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island:
Mi-Haita Almeida, LMSW
CSPOA Supervisor
Children’s Community Mental Health Services
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health
Mt. Sinai St. Luke's
185 Montague Street
11th floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201
T 718-722-9370/888-277-6258

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