The Parent-Infant Center (PIC) is a prevention and treatment program that provides multidisciplinary assessment and psychotherapeutic services for pregnant women, caregivers (adolescents and adults) and their children between the ages of birth to three. The primary goal of the Parent-Infant Center is to facilitate the development of a healthy attachment between caretakers and their infants/toddlers, and to promote overall healthy child and parent development.

The Parent-Infant Center works with families who exhibit risk factors that may lead to maladaptive parent-infant/toddler relationships or increase the risk ofchild abuse or neglect. Parental risk factors include mental health problems such as anxiety and post-partum depression, a history of trauma/abuse, teen and single parenthood, exposure to domestic violence, and a lack of social and financial support. The Parent-Infant Center also works with infants/toddlers who present with delays in the areas of cognitive and physical development, as well as socio-emotional and behavioral concerns, such as feeding and sleeping difficulties and aggressive behavior.

The Parent-Infant Center has an interdisciplinary treatment team including psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and psychology and psychiatry trainees. The primary focus of the Parent-Infant Center is to provide Parent-Infant/Toddler psychotherapy including Parent-Infant Toddler group therapy. The Parent-Infant Center also provides evidence-based Child-Parent Psychotherapy for children and families exposed to trauma.  Monthly psychoeducational groups provide information to families about topics such as safe sleep, healthy eating, play, and language development.

The emphasis of treatment is on the caretaker-child relationship.  The primary caretakers  seen in the Parent-Infant Center include pregnant women, , mothers, fathers, grandparents and foster parents. The interventions facilitate caretakers’ increased attunement to a child’s emotional needs; heightened sensitivity and predictable responses to their child’s cues; increasedunderstanding of the impact of family dynamics; greater awareness of a parent’s contribution to the parent-child relationship, and social support and psycho-education around issues of child development.

The Parent-Infant Center also provides individual child and parent psychotherapy, family therapy, developmental screenings and referrals to Early Intervention and the Committee on Preschool Education. Psychopharmacological consultation is provided when necessary to treat depression and other mental health concerns. The Parent-Infant Center works collaboratively with day care centers, schools, foster care agencies, social service organizations, and other community and mental health agencies.

For additional information, please contact:
Wendie Klapper, Ph.D., Director
Parent-Infant Center
Phone: (212) 523-3071

To schedule an intake appointment, please contact:
Intake Coordinator
Phone: (212) 523-3082

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