Outpatient adolescent substance abuse services are provided through several different clinics at Child and Family Institute of Mount Sinai St. Luke's Roosevelt. One of them is the Discovery Center where patients with ongoing substance use but do not meet criteria for an inpatient detoxification or rehabilitation, are followed by a team of psychologists and a psychiatrist. It is funded through a grant and free-of-charge, no insurance is needed.

We also have a DBT Sober Coping group, which is for adolescents aged 14-19 who need DBT and are currently using substances. They are asked to contract that, even if only in a small way, they are motivated to reduce or stop their use. After mindfulness exercises, members track and report their substance use as well as other self-harming behaviors on their DBT diary cards, with discussion and goal-setting for the upcoming week. Each session closes with training in those DBT skills found to be most effective by past group members

If the adolescent has a dual-diagnosis condition, meaning substance use and another psychiatric condition, such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, they are welcome to our outpatient substance use disorders, Discovery at CFI, and they will see our addiction psychiatrist, as well as receive psychotherapy by one of our addiction specialists. We also conduct a through evaluation focusing on their psychosocial needs and always include families. The psychotherapy approach is similar to the evidence-based motivational enhancement therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, and consists of two individual and 12 group sessions. Patients who require additional services are also served according to their needs.

Finally, we also provide services at CARES on 59th Street, for substance abusing adolescents who need a more intensive care.

Contact information for any of these clinics:
Front Desk at Outpatient Department: 212-523 4885
Medical Director at Outpatient Department: 212-523 3067
Intake Office at Outpatient Department: 212-523 3082

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