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Faculty and Staff

The Division has 12 full time faculty, plus additional voluntary faculty who participate in teaching. Many faculty members of the training program are recognized for their academic expertise. They regularly present papers at the annual meetings of the American Thoracic Society and of the American College of Chest Physicians.

Edward Eden, MD Chief of Division, Fellowship Program Director
Dr Eden’s major interest is in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and emphysema. He has published extensively on the relationship between COPD and asthma especially in a genetic condition, alpha -1 antitrypsin deficiency, which predisposes to early emphysema. His other interests include pulmonary rehabilitation, asthma, sarcoidosis, pulmonary hypertension, and interstitial lung disease.


Mary O’Sullivan, MD Director SL Chest Clinics
Dr. O’Sullivan has developed the asthma clinic program at the St. Luke's site that provides care for patients with severe asthma. She is involved in research projects looking at legal intervention as a means for achieving household remediation and its impact on asthma care, and the effect of bariatric surgery on asthma control. Her additional interests include upper airway disease, effects of obesity on lung function, and smoking cessation.


Janet Shapiro, MD Director Medical ICU SL
Dr. Shapiro, in collaboration with the Geriatric division, has established at St. Luke's a Geriatric/Palliative Care Unit for patients on mechanical ventilation. Referrals from other intensive care units include patients with severe CNS disease, multi-organ failure, and metastatic cancer. The unit has been well received by nursing staff and families. We have provided end-of-life care to patients to allow a comfortable death while decreasing their days in the ICU. Her other interests include pulmonary complications of pregnancy.

Hassan Khouli, MD Director Medical ICU RH & Simulation Lab
Under the leadership of Dr. Khouli, a state-of-the-art simulation lab is developed on the 8th floor at Mount Sinai Roosevelt. This provides simulation training in code situations, rapid responses, and procedural techniques to residents in the department of medicine, as well as other disciplines in anesthesia, emergency medicine, surgery, and nursing. There is also a bronchoscopy simulator available for training of Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellows. His additional interests include the affect of age on outcomes of elderly patients admitted to the ICU.

Gopal Narayanswami, MD Associate Director Medical ICU SL
Dr. Narayanswami is extending leadership into the use of medical ultrasonography for direction of intravenous catheters and pleural effusions. Recent purchase of the Titan diagnostic system has allowed expansion to bedside goal directed echocardiography. He runs the ED/Critical Care course on shared perspectives in the management of septic patients, collaborating with the ED Division for common pathways in sepsis. Also, with the combined effort of the Division of Thoracic Surgery, he has extended his expertise to include endobronchial ultrasound.

Raymonde Jean, MD Associate Director ICU RH, Dir. Sleep Medicine
Dr. Jean is ABIM boarded in sleep medicine. She has developed a sleep medicine curriculum and is the director of sleep medicine training for the Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship Program. She has now broadened the fellowship experience with bimonthly Sleep Disorders clinic at Mount Sinai Roosevelt, and is also leading the development of a new sleep laboratory at Mount Sinai St. Luke's Roosevelt.
email: RJean@chpnet.org

Ruth Minkin, MD Director Pulmonary Hypertension Program
Dr. Minkin has performed diagnostic right heart catheterization and vasodilator testing in over 90 patients. A Pulmonary Hypertension clinic has been established at Mount Sinai Roosevelt where fellows have an opportunity to attend and participate in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in patients with pulmonary hypertension and rare vascular disorders of the heart and lungs. Dr. Minkin has also submitted a research proposal in collaboration with the sickle cell anemia program.

Mirna Mohanraj
, MD
Dr. Mohanraj serves as an inpatient and outpatient teaching attending to residents and fellows on both pulmonary and critical care rotations, with a focus on the outpatient pulmonary experience. In addition to the practice of general pulmonary medicine, Dr. Mohanraj's main clinical interest is the evaluation of pulmonary nodules and lung cancer screening. She also has a strong interest in medical education and the development of protocol-driven practice in the outpatient pulmonary setting.  Additional interests include sarcoidosis and pleural diseases.

Keith Rose, MD
Dr. Rose’s expertise not only includes the management of critically ill medical patients, but also in the management of critically ill surgical patients. His procedural skills extend into this field of practice; including chest tube and PICC line placement, as well as bedside tracheostomy. Alongside Dr. Khouli, Dr. Rose also participates in simulation training for housestaff and nursing staff. His additional interests include current research regarding the role of ultrasound to assess diaphragmatic atrophy in mechanically ventilated patients.


Andre Sotelo, MD
Dr. Sotelo rotates and teaches the residents and fellows in both of our hospitals’ Medical Intensive Care Units as well as both hospitals’ pulmonary clinics and the Mount Sinai Roosevelt Surgical ICU. He also has participated in and helped to organize several medical missions to the Andes in Peru. In addition to the practice of general pulmonary medicine, Dr. Sotelo has an interest in the understanding of bronchiectatic disease in adult patients without Cystic Fibrosis and participates in the Simulation Lab sessions for medical house staff under Dr. Khouli.


Volunteer Faculty

Norma Braun, MD

Gerard Turino, MD

Lawrence Scharer, MD

Joseph Ghassibi, MD

Antoine Abed, MD

Martin Baskin, MD

Donald Fishman, MD

James Jones, MD

Additional Departmental Staff

Lori Tartell, RN
Director Clinical Programs,
Education and Research

Administrative Assistants:

Jean Oliver Davidson
Tricia Birbal
Charlene Davis (Fellowship Coordinator)
Pulmonary Function Laboratory Staff

Eduardo Chacana (Supervisor)
Priscilla Bracero

Current Fellows
PGY -6

Anthony Brehm, MD
Residency: Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA

James Lozada, MD
Residency: Mount Sinai St. Luke's Roosevelt

Gagangeet Sandhu MD
Residency: Mount Sinai St. Luke's Roosevelt
PGY -5

Wajih Arja, MD
Residency: Albert Einstein Medical Center

Manju Pillai, MD
Residency: Case Western Reserve
University, OH

Sadaf Mir, MD
Residency: SUNY Downstate Medical Center @ Long Island College Hospital
PGY -4

Pius Ochieng, MD
Residency: Queens Hospital Center

Anand Venkata, MD
Residency: University of Connecticut

Sorel Vladu, DO
Residency: Mount Sinai St. Luke's Roosevelt

Of Our Graduating Fellows:

  • 70% Hospital Based Practices
  • 20% University Based Faculty
  • 10% Further Training

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