PCAP is a comprehensive prenatal care program that offers complete pregnancy care and other health services to women and teens who live in New York State and meet certain income guidelines (women are eligible for services up to 200% of the federal poverty level). PCAP offers routine pregnancy check ups, hospital care during pregnancy and delivery, full health care for the woman until at least two months after delivery and full health care coverage for the baby up to one year of age.

Medical Services Provided Under PCAP:

You May Be Eligible for PCAP If:

PCAP is a public entitlement and does not cost anything to apply.

On-Site Application:
Applications for PCAP may be completed by visiting our Department of Financial Counseling located throughout Beth Israel Medical Center, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center and Long Island College Hospital. See contact information below for details.

Documentation Required To Complete A PCAP Application:

Contact Numbers for CAP:

Beth Israel Medical Center
Phillips Ambulatory Care Center (212-844-8610)
Roosevelt Hospital (212-523-MOMS)
St. Luke's Hospital (212-523-MOMS)

Long Island College Hospital (718-780-1491)