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Effect of number of meals on metabolism after weight loss surgery  

Principal Investigator:   Blandine Laferrer, MD
Co-Investigators   Julio Teixeira, MD, FACS,
James J. McGinty, Jr., MD, FACS, Ninan Koshy, MBBS
Time frame of study:   Ongoing
Time frame of participation   2 full day (6-7 hours) research visits before surgery and one year after surgery
Number of participants needed:   Open
Location of Study:   Mount Sinai St. Luke's, 1111 Amsterdam Avenue, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10025
Contact name, number and email  

Margaret Sala at 212.523.3503 or or Carolina Espinosa at 212.523.3581 or

Learn how the number and size of meals affects your hormones, glucose, and metabolism (ie-how many calories you burn) before and after gastric bypass surgery
Your 2 full day (6-7 hours) visits will consist of the following:

  • Day 1: One 600 calorie meal
  • Day 2: Three 200 calorie meals

Criteria for Participation:
Planning to have Gastric Bypass surgery
Anyone between 21 and 60 years old
All ethnic groups welcome


Benefits and Compensation:
Learn more about how the number and size of meals can affect hormones involved in hunger/fullness, glucose and metabolism.  
You will receive up to $850 in compensation for your time.